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Why smart toilet is worth to upgrade

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The toilet technology in the future will be automated. Advanced new toilets come with washing and drying functions in addition to a host of high-tech and water-saving functions.

Smart Toilets are not so pricey at all

Few years ago, smart toilets were still targeting luxury customers because they cost more than 3000 thousand dollars. Only wealthy people could offer luxury toilets. However, smart toilets are more affordable nowadays; price range from $1500 to thousands, depending on the features.Compare to $3000, the price have dropped half and it makes smart toilets more popular.

Smart Toilets can save Paper and Water

The Smart toilets almost replace all need for toilet paper or wet wipes. Through changing your old toilet with a smart toilet, you will get a lot of special cleaning and comfort experience that you never feel with the traditional toilet before. In general, the smart toilet lets you to stop cleaning with dry paper and use water instead."

Smart toilets can save water in the long term, the smaller flushes can use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush (GPF). A basic toilet that doesn't have smart flush technology uses around 1.6 gallons.

Smart Toilet Functions:

You can get a basic toilet with just automatic flushing and water sensors or you can get a fully loaded version with all of the bells and whistles. Here are some options that are available for smart toilets:

  • Heated water for wash (4 levels)
  • Heated seat (4-level adjustment)
  • Warm wind for dryer (4 levels) Euroto Smart Toilet
  • Soft closing
  • Massage wash
  • Nozzle moves backward & forward for wash
  • Nozzle position adjustable
  • Water pressure adjustable
  • FM radio
  • Voice alarm Automatic flush
  • Remote control
  • Self-cleaning features
  • Built-in sensors that alert you to possible tank leaks
  • Self-deodorizer
  • Emergency flushing system during power outages
  • Nightlight
  • Slow closing lid
  • It opens and closes its lid automatically and cleans itself after every flush

Learn more about the function of Euroto smart toilets

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