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4 Simple ways for choosing the Right LED lights for your home

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1.Install LED lights at the right place in your home

LED Lights for room

It’s important to place the LED lights at the right place if you want your investment will pay back soon. Install the light fixtures that get most use in the high use parts of your home. Compare to the traditional light bulbs, the prices of LED light are still cost more than the traditional light bulbs.If you don’t have the budget to replace all the old incandescent lights in your home, you need to consider to place your LED light to the place you will spend the electricity most and your investment on the LED light for energy saving will pay you back sooner.

2. Choose the LED lights by lumens, not watts

In the past, when you purchase the Incandescent light bulbs you will choose it based on how much energy or watts that the light bulbs use. Watts are a measure of how much energy the bulb draws, not its brightness.We know the watts of light bulbs are expected from 60W, 100W or 150watt, etc. LED lights are also rated by watts, but it doesn’t help to

compare LED watts with incandescent watts.LED lights are using the lumens as the measurement. Lumens measure the amount of light you are getting from a LED light bulb. For example, more lumens mean the light is brighter; less lumens means the light is dimmer. When you buy the LED lights, make sure to check the amount of lumens, not watts.

3 Choose the color

Choose the right color of LED light in your home is important.Every room in your home is different and that mean you should use different color and brightness for every room. LED light provide a range of color from warmer white to daylight.The color of LED light is depending on the temperature.Lower temperature (2700k – 3000k) provides warm color. Medium temperature (3500k – 4100k) provides natural white color and higher temperature (5000k – 6500k) provides day light color.For example, living and dining rooms are places for us to relax and enjoy the good time with family and friends, too bright or too dim lighting may not be are good choice.The neutral white color (temperature: 3500k – 4100k)LED light was suggested to install in living room or dining room.

4. Choose the size and shape

LED light panels

There are many different sizes and shapes LED light in the market such as tube, flat panel, globe, candle, floodlight, etc.You need to choose it to match the design of the space and also make it work best for the whole space.

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