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4 Reasons that You Should Replace Your Fluorescent Light with LED Tube lights

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LED tube lights replacement are a good idea to replace your old fashion fluorescent t8, t10 or t12 tube lights. The LED Light technology has great efficient light, high light output, low maintenance costs, Eco-friendly, long life cycle and also have to be very much functional while being cost effective. Nowadays,  the LED light systems are acting an important role in home and commercial areas. There are 5 reasons that we should replace your old fluorescent light with LED tube lights:

More efficiency - Compare to traditional fluorescent lights, LED tube lights use less 25% - 80% energy which means it can save money on your bill. Traditional fluorescent light can last around 8,000 hours, while LED light can last at least 50,000 hours.

Eco-friendly - LED tube lights are made with Eco-friendly and recycling material while tradition

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al florescent light contain mercury, lead and other hazardous materials which will cause environment pollution.  That's why more people are using LED tube lights to replace traditional florescent to save our planet.

LED tube lights are more durable - LED tube lights is the latest trend because they are more durable.  Traditional florescent will decrease their lifetime by turning them on and off.  However, the lifespan of LED tube lights will not affected by turning them on and off.

LED tube lights are good for home and office - LED tube lights can make greatly improvement for your home and office.  LED tubes can transmit the white light which is near nature light and the natural can make our eyes feel more comfortable.  

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