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LED Panel Lighting for interior

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The benefit of LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are able to give great lighting with very low energy cost. They are cost-effective and earth-friendly.  The thickness of LED panels are usually not thick and come in a different size such as rectangle or round. Therefore, LED panels not only stay durable for long, but help you create a modern home as well . LED Panel Lights are durable It has a super long lifespan, about 50000hrs, there is no delay turn on/turn off frequency does not affect the light source life.  

Five Star LED Panel Lights is safe

Our Five Star LED Panel Lights are Not easily damaged, green; recyclable waste, no pollution, unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury components; products with DLC, UL& CUL ,CE,RoHS certificates.  It’s suitable under temperature -25 ~ + 45℃, and can be worked normally at a low temperatures.  Also, Containing no Infrared and ultraviolet light, or other harmful substances, RoHS-compliant, is green lighting. 

Check on our durable LED Panel Lights

LED panels for indoor