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LED Tube Lights for Garage

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Home garage lights will be best used tube lights. You can now easily replace this tube lighting with LED fluorescent replacement tube lights. As for best result, it is best to use two 4ft LED tube light for each car your garage can fit. A two-car garage is better to use four 4-feet LED tube light, in rows of two, to create best lighting environment.  Installing them can be as easy as changing a light bulb if you get a Ballast Compatible T8 LED tube.

Things to know before getting your LED lights

How Much Light Do You Need?

Dimming or non-dimming

Warranty ( provide 5 years warranty for LED tube lights)

Time to Replace Your traditional fluorescent tube lights?


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4 Reasons that You Should Replace Your Fluorescent Light with LED Tube lights

LED tube lights replacement are a good idea to replace your old fashion fluorescent t8, t10 or t12 tube lights. The LED Light technology has great efficient light, high light output, low maintenance costs, Eco-friendly, long life cycle and also have to be very much functional while being cost effective. Nowadays,  the LED light systems [...]

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